New Articles

  1. Web Analytics

    Web analytics reports can provide valuable insight into your section of the website, showing how many visitors you have, what content they're looking at, and where they come from. This data can help you understand how people are ...
  2. Campus Map

    The Campus Map is a visual representation of Cal Lutheran, featuring roads, parking lots, and numerous points of interest around campus. The map also features 360 Virtual Tour options for online visitors to gain a three-dimensional conceptualizati...
  3. Password Requirements

    The website hosts content for a range of different target audiences. Although most content is intended for prospective students and families and is therefore available to the public, you may find an occasional need to host content ...
  4. Content Writing

    Fundamental principles for writing content that is optimized for web consumption.
  5. Additional Styles

    Description of various styles available through custom HTML, to supplement the styles in the editing interface.
  6. Navigation

    Tips to update the navigation menu on the right side of the screen for each section of the website.
  7. Components

    Advice for inserting and customizing components, pre-made content that contains a structured format.
  8. Snippets

    Instructions for inserting and customizing snippets, pre-made content that you can customize.
  9. Images

    Information on inserting a graphic, photograph, or image, as well as guidelines on size and format.
  10. Image Galleries

    Suggestions for inserting and customizing a collection of images in a gallery layout.