Advanced Features

These articles highlight special tools within Omni CMS for the website — recommended for Web Editors looking to go further.


Steps to add or edit news articles using the Control Panel.
Advice for inserting and customizing components, pre-made content that contains a structured format.
Information to upload, link, and update a document in PDF format or other common formats.
Directions to add or edit events on The Hub or Arts & Events calendars, using the Control Panel.
Faculty Profiles
Tips to add, remove, or update faculty member profiles via MyCLU and Control Panel.
Overview of requesting a survey-based form that collects data via WuFoo or Dynamic Forms.
Image Galleries
Suggestions for inserting and customizing a collection of images in a gallery layout.
Password Requirements
The website hosts content for a range of different target audiences. Although most content is intended for prospective students and families and is therefore available to the public, you may find an occasional need to host content ...
Instructions for inserting and customizing snippets, pre-made content that you can customize.
Social Media Feeds
How to add a feed of recent posts from a social media account to any page.
 Staff Profiles
Recommendations for adding or editing staff member listings on a page.