Campus Map

The Campus Map is a visual representation of Cal Lutheran, featuring roads, parking lots, and numerous points of interest around campus. The map also features 360 Virtual Tour options for online visitors to gain a three-dimensional conceptualization of campus buildings and outdoor spaces.

How to Use the Campus Map

Map Navigation

The map includes a base file along with multiple layers, each featuring a different type of point of interest. By default, several layers are turned on, but you may need to turn on additional layers manually. Most locations include a description of the point of interest, along with a relevant link for more details.

Virtual Tour

Click the green Virtual Tour button at the bottom of the screen to explore 360 Virtual Tour viewpoints from over two dozen locations across campus. The experience is best on a large monitor.

How to Link to a Specific Map Location

1. Go to the Campus Map and click on the map location you are seeking

2. Click the "Share Location" icon in the upper left corner and then click "Copy Link"

3. Paste the URL into your destination

Need to Update the Map for Accuracy?

If you find information on the map that needs to be updated, please Contact Us and we will be happy to review your request promptly.