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Great organizations are made of great people, and this virtue is even more valid at Cal Lutheran. If your role entails keeping the website updated with staff profiles, then it is important that you present this information in a consistent and comprehensive format to showcase your department's star talent.

There are two pre-made structures that are utilized across the university for staff listings. It is quick, easy, and painless to edit this information, so that you can readily make updates whenever there is a change in staffing.

 Instructional Video

Watch this 3-minute tutorial for an initial overview of department staff profiles, or scroll below to see complete written instructions.

*Note: Click Full screen  icon for best view.

How to Add a Staff Profile

1. Choose the Component

While you are Editing a Page that is intended for your department's staff listings (e.g., "Meet the Team"), click the Insert Component  icon in the editing toolbar.

On the left side of the Choose Component window, choose either Department Staff Profile which is useful for short bios, or choose Department Staff Profile (with Accordion) which is useful for long bios. Though you can use either component, it is important to use the same one for all of the staff profiles in your department.

Here is an initial example of each component to help you visualize the differences:

Department Staff Profile
Example of Department Staff Profile

Department Staff Profile (with Accordion)
Example of Department Staff Profile (with Accordion)

2. Insert the Component

Once you have chosen one of the two components for staff profiles, click the component and then click the INSERT button, as seen in the example below . 

Choose Component

3. Edit the Component

Inserting the component will open an Edit Component window. This window includes a range of fields with requested information. Enter as much information as you have available.

In the Image field, upload a headshot in .JPG file format with image dimensions of 400 pixels wide x 600 pixels tall (2:3 ratio). Click the  button, as seen in the example below. 

Edit Component - Department Staff Profile

  PRO TIP: It is recommended to crop the headshot to a little bit above the head (at the top) and a little bit below the shoulders (at the bottom). This ensures similar composition when multiple headshots are on a page, as seen in the examples below (see the Images article for more details on editing photos).


4. Preview the Component

Because the staff profile components are compiled by source code, Omni CMS does not load an accurate preview of the component in the editing interface.

To preview the component, click the SAVE button in the top right corner of the screen. This will switch the editing interface to Preview mode to display an accurate view of the component. You can continue using this workflow by toggling between Edit and Preview mode until you are satisfied with the component, as seen in the example below.

Example of Department Staff Profile

  EXTRA INSIGHT: Is the image not loading properly in Preview mode? You can go ahead and publish the page anyway, as this usually bypasses loading errors without issues.

5. Save and Publish

To update the website with your edits, click the SAVE button and PUBLISH button. Don't forget to view the published page on desktop AND mobile to ensure that everything is neat and tidy.

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