Your section of the website tells a story about how your unit helps your constituents. Whether you directly serve students, alumni, staff and faculty, or community members, you have an audience that visits the website to learn about your services, and they are begging to be engaged.

In the modern era, video content is a powerful means of storytelling. To create an immersive user experience that utilizes video in your section of the website, you may choose to embed a video directly into a page.

 Instructional Video

Watch this 2-minute tutorial for an initial overview of videos, or scroll below to see complete written instructions.

*Note: Click Full screen  icon for best view.

How to Embed a Video

1. Contact Media Services

Before adding video to the content of a page, you will need to have it hosted on Youtube. To do this, email the Media Services team at and request that a video be uploaded to their channel. Once they process this request, they will provide you a link to the video which you can embed.

Once you have your video hosted on Youtube, it is recommended to edit the Closed Captioning for proper grammar and punctuation, to improve accessibility for people with disabilities.

  PRO TIP: Need to create a new video? Consider the Video Marketing services offered by Marketing & Communications and learn how to submit a request for a video shoot of your services or campaign!

2. Copy the URL

Copy the URL to the video (e.g.,

3. Insert the Video

While you are Editing a Page, click the Insert/Edit Media tool. In the Insert/Edit Media window, paste the URL into the Source field (alternatively, navigate to the file if it has been uploaded to Omni CMS) and click the SAVE button, as seen in the example below.Insert/Edit Media

4. Review the Video

Review the embedded video in full-width on your page, as seen in the example below.
Video - Full-Width

5. Save and Publish

To update the website with your edits, click the SAVE button and PUBLISH button. Don't forget to view the published page on desktop AND mobile to ensure that everything is neat and tidy.

  EXTRA INSIGHT: If you would like to embed your video in a column layout instead of a full-width layout, open the Snippets  tool and choose one of the Columns options. Then, follow the same steps to embed your video into one of the columns, as seen in the example below.

Video - Column-Width

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