Scheduling a Publish

In certain instances, you may want to make edits to a page but delay the time of publishing on the website. This can be useful when you are preparing for an upcoming campaign that launches on a certain date, or when you are planning ahead for a future semester's website updates.

Omni CMS has a feature that works like a time machine, so that you can schedule a page to be published in advance. As long as you know the date and time to publish, all of your future website wishes can come true.

 Instructional Video

Watch this 2-minute tutorial for an initial overview of scheduling a publish, or scroll below to see complete written instructions.

*Note: Click Full screen icon for best view.

How to Schedule a Publish

1. Go to the Schedule Feature

After you are finished Editing a Page, click the Drop-down Arrow drop-down arrow next to the PUBLISH button at the top of the screen and choose the Schedule option, as seen in the example below.

Schedule Menu

2. Customize the Schedule Options

In the Publish window and beneath the Schedule tab, enter the Date and Time that you would like the changes on this page to go live. Optionally, you can repeat publish by inputting a number in the Repeat every field and selecting a measurement of time from the corresponding drop-down menu. See these settings in the example below.

Publish Window

3. Click Schedule

When you are finished, click the SCHEDULE button. Your page is now scheduled to be published at the time you selected, and you will receive an email for confirmation.

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