User Levels

Omni CMS not only manages content, but also many user accounts with varying levels of permission. Ranging from the basic Student User (Level 6) to the more advanced Staff User (Level 8), all accounts have access to add or edit a page and some include higher levels of responsibility.

Though most accounts in Omni CMS are designated between Level 6-8, it can be helpful for all users in the system to understand how levels of permission are determined, what each level does and does not include, and who is the best point of contact for higher access.

Levels of User Permissions

The level of permission for each individual user is primarily based on their role within the department:

  • Student User (Level 6): Assigned to student employees who maintain web content. 
  • Staff User (Level 8): Assigned to dept. heads or staff who manage the unit's section of the website.

Each department or unit appoints at least one Staff User (Level 8) user, who is the resident Omni CMS specialist and supports Student User (Level 6) members from their office. If requested, they can also be set up as an approver for publishing.

Please reference the following table for permissions of each user level:

PermissionStudent User (Level 6)Staff User (Level 8)
Edit existing interior page
Create new page
Upload file
Delete file
Delete interior page
Publish without approval
Update page properties
Edit section properties
Edit section footer
Edit section sidebar
Edit navigation
Edit landing page
Create sub-section
Overwrite/rename file
Overwrite/rename folder
Change access on file
Change access on folder
Add to system dictionary

Please Contact Us if you need assistance with something that you do not have access to in Omni CMS.

  EXTRA INSIGHT: Global Admin (Lvl. 9-10) users can create a new section (including Section Footer and Section Sidebar), reserved for members of the Web Support team at Marketing & Communications.

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