Page Versions

Even the best and brightest Web Editors have their dull moments. Fortunately, Omni CMS is here to help.

Whenever edits to a page are published by a Web Editor, an updated version of that page is stored in its entirety for historical reference. At any point in the future, all previous page versions can be viewed, compared, and reverted to. This can come in handy when mistakes are made, data is lost, or there is simply an interest in remembering how a page once looked.

 Instructional Videos

Watch this 2-minute tutorial for an overview of reverting to a previous page version, or scroll below to see complete written instructions.

*Note: Click Full screen  icon for best view.

How to View, Compare, or Revert to a Page Version

1. Click the Versions Tab

While you are Editing a Page and the page is "checked-in" to you (i.e., the Lightbulb Lightbulb icon is yellow), click the Versions tab at the top of the screen. 

2. Review the Previous Page Versions

In the Versions module, review the list of previous page versions, which are sorted by the most recent version to the least recent version. Each version includes a Date, User, and optional Description about the changes that were made.


3. View, Compare, or Revert

Once you have identified a page version of interest, click theThree dotsicon to reveal more actions:

  • To view the previous page version, click the View icon.
  • To compare the previous page version to the current page version, click the Compareicon.
  • To revert the current page version to the previous page version, click the Revert icon.

Now that you are aware of the page versions module, you can feel a little more free to publish your page edits on the website and trust that you can revert to a previous page version when needed.

  EXTRA INSIGHT: Remember that a version is automatically created when the PUBLISH button is clicked on a page, but not when only the SAVE button is clicked. If you want to manually create a version without publishing, click the Three dots icon icon and then click the Save Version option.

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