Forms: the feature that connects you with your audience. Whether you are looking to gather initial details about your constituents in a request for information or you are building a survey for feedback about an existing program, forms give your readers a direct channel to submit information to you.

Although there are already hundreds of forms throughout the website, many units are still finding ways to convert a previously paper-based form to a digital form or create a new form to streamline a complex administrative process. No matter your use case, learn how to request a form that fills your needs.

How to Request a Form

1. Choose a Platform

There are two forms-based platforms available for integration into the website: Wufoo and Dynamic Forms. These two platforms cover the needs of 99% of use cases that your department may have.

Here is an overview of the features of Wufoo and Dynamic Forms:

Dynamic Forms
Embedding into a page of the website
Pre-fillable form fields with Single-Sign On functionality (e.g., name, email address, student ID)
Form logic (e.g., show/hide questions based on user responses)
Confirmation emails to the user who submitted the form 
Notification emails to a list of recipients
Collection of data that is not business-critical or protected by FERPA/HIPAA (e.g., directory information)
Collection of data that is business-critical or protected by FERPA/HIPAA (e.g., grades or agreements)

Though both platforms share many common features, Wufoo is typically recommended when data is nonsensitive, whereas Dynamic Forms is typically recommended when data is sensitive.

  EXTRA INSIGHT: See some examples of each platform in the links below...

2. Submit a Ticket

Once you have decided which platform you would like to request your form on, use one of the following methods to submit a ticket with details of your request (or ask for consultation to choose the best platform): 

  • Wufoo: Contact Us to submit a ticket with the Web Support team.
  • Dynamic Forms: Contact to submit a ticket with the Information Technology Services team.

Once your form is created, it will be embedded into or linked from the website for you.

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