When a new department or unit requests a presence on the website — or when special projects arise that necessitate a new area of the website — a section must be created. Every section includes an _index.pcf file (which is usually in the format of a Landing Page), a _props.pcf file (which stores the Section Properties), a file (for the section's navigation menu), and subfolders to store documents and images. These steps walk through the creation process.

  HEAD'S UP: Due to the higher level of impact that this action has on university content, a section can only be created by Global Admin users. Contact Us for assistance.

How to Create a Section

  1. Use the section wizard to create the folder, _index.pcf file, _props.pcf file, file, and subfolders to store documents and images.
  2. Using available templates, create the section footer ( file) and sidebar include ( file). Then, publish everything. (Note: if these templates are not available, make sure that the Template Group option for the folder is set to Default instead of Interior.)
  3. Update the Directory Variables [section-home, navigation-start, section-include-status (on/off) and section-include (if on)].
  4. Check homepage to make sure all includes and settings are applied. Update _props.pcf to change breadcrumb or hero text as needed.
  5. Add homepage hero images (these are saved in the path of /images/hero).
  6. Create section end-user and admin group (e.g., SOM and SOM Admins).
  7. Apply end-user group (e.g., SOM) recursively to folder through Access settings (same place as Directory Variables)
  8. Apply admin group (e.g., SOM Admins) to _index.pcf_nav.inc_props.pcf_footer.incand files, as applicable. This step may be repeated when sub-sections are created.
  9. Apply template group (Interior) recursively to folder through Access settings.
  10. Create an images and documents folder using the plain folder icon.
  11. Update the default image path Directory Variable to point to the local images folder (ox_ftp_image_root). This variable does not affect the Page Properties file chooser used for hero images.

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