Directory Variables

In certain instances, it may be useful to adjust the content within a folder to modify how files display or behave within a section. Reference the following list for definitions of the most useful directory variables.

  HEAD'S UP: Due to the higher level of impact that these items have on university content, directory variables can only be accessed by Global Admin users. Contact Us for assistance.

Glossary of Directory Variables

breadcrumb-home (do not change)

Example: /_resources/includes/


First folder to be listed after the home (breadcrumb-home).

No trailing slash


Set default hero image for all landing pages within a section; overwritten at page level. Requires hero-img-sm



Set default hero image for all landing pages within a section; overwritten at page level. Alternate file for images to be displayed to smaller screen sized devices.



Where to start the side navigation. The file in this folder will be found, navigation includes from sub-folders will be nested within this list.

No trailing slash


Point this variable at an include file with the code that you want to use. The include statement will be inserted before the page-level headcode content.

Example: /_showcase/admission-aid/undergraduate/


Will take hero title from _props.pcf at this location.

No trailing slash


Use the Section Footer template to create a new _footer.pcf file. Point this variable at that file.

Example: /_showcase/admission-aid/undergraduate/_footer.pcf


Section include will display below the page content, above the global footer.


Point to file, to be added below side navigation.


Default: | California Lutheran University

Text to be appended to every meta title of every page; can be changed where appropriate.

Example: Financial Aid | California Lutheran University


Default image directory for image choosers on pages within the folder.

No trailing slash


To skip files in this folder at time of a publish, including site publish, set value to no.

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