Updated Articles

  1. Navigation

    Tips to update the navigation menu on the right side of the screen for each section of the website.
  2. Section Sidebars

    How to turn on and utilize the supplementary sidebar menu which adds upon the navigation menu.
  3.  Images

    Information on inserting a graphic, photograph, or image, as well as guidelines on size and format.
  4. Faculty Profiles

    Tips to add, remove, or update faculty member profiles via MyCLU and Control Panel.
  5.  Videos

    Tips to embed a video, including uploading, inserting, and formatting.
  6. Snippets

    Instructions for inserting and customizing snippets, pre-made content that you can customize.
  7. Content Writing

    Fundamental principles for writing content that is optimized for web consumption.
  8. Headings

    Usage guidelines for adding text headings.
  9.  Hyperlinks

    How to insert a hyperlink into a text or image and customize settings.
  10. Password Requirements

    The CalLutheran.edu website hosts content for a range of different target audiences. Although most content is intended for prospective students and families and is therefore available to the public, you may find an occasional need to host content ...