Popular Articles

  1.  Web Editor Training

    Initial onboarding steps to complete for new Web Editors in Omni CMS.
  2.  Editing a Page

    Instructions to edit, save, and publish a webpage.
  3. Content Writing

    Fundamental principles for writing content that is optimized for web consumption.
  4. Public Profiles

    Tips to add, remove, or update faculty member profiles via MyCLU and Control Panel.
  5.  Images

    Information on inserting a graphic, photograph, or image, as well as guidelines on size and format.
  6. Designing a Page

    Key strategies of modern web design, as applied to university webpage standards.
  7.  Hyperlinks

    How to insert a hyperlink into a text or image and customize settings.
  8. Headings

    Usage guidelines for adding text headings.
  9.  Styles

    Definitions of style for text, images, and hyperlinks.
  10. Announcements

    Steps to add or edit news articles using the Control Panel.