Popular Articles

  1. Public Profiles

    Tips to add, remove, or update faculty member profiles via MyCLU and Control Panel.
  2.  Web Editor Training

    Initial onboarding steps to complete for new Web Editors in Omni CMS.
  3. Section Sidebars

    How to turn on and utilize the supplementary sidebar menu which adds upon the navigation menu.
  4. Content Writing

    Fundamental principles for writing content that is optimized for web consumption.
  5. Navigation

    Tips to update the navigation menu on the right side of the screen for each section of the website.
  6.  Editing a Page

    Instructions to edit, save, and publish a webpage.
  7.  Documents

    Information to upload, link, and update a document in PDF format or other common formats.
  8. Sections

    Steps to create a new section of pages on the website, typically for a department or unit.
  9. Page Titles

    Instructions to update the three versions of a webpage title, including tips for Search Engine Optimization.
  10.  Videos

    Tips to embed a video, including uploading, inserting, and formatting.